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About us

Tram Power is a privately owned British Company dedicated to the design, development and promotion of light rail technology that is Safe, Efficient, Reliable and Affordable.

Tram Power has been at the helm of innovative designs of trams, tracks and overhead systems, and has had direct involvement in the design of network routes in cities around the U.K., making use of disused or underused rail lines.

Detailed information on the vehicle, track and overhead line systems can be found on the Tram Power website; www.trampower.co.uk.

Why Preston?

Preston has been selected for a new privately funded tramway for a number of reasons;

  • Like many cities, Preston is faced with increasing congestion and parking problems in and around the city centre.
  • The growing student base and proposed city centre developments in the retail, business and residential sectors suggest that the problems may become even greater in the future.
  • The new tramway system could ease these problems by enhancing the use of the Park & Ride sites surrounding the city and reducing the number of journeys made by road.
  • The existing network of disused and underused railways in Preston could account for two thirds of the intended tramway network. In many areas, therefore, much of the infrastructure is largely in place, minimising disruption and additional construction work required to develop the network.

The first line proposed is the ‘Guild Line’ which will connect the City Centre to Red Scar Industrial Estate and Bluebell Way Park & Ride through the Deepdale area. The Guild Line will enter service in 2012, to coincide with the 20 year celebration of the Preston Guild.

Additional Information

Tram Power projects are financed through private investment, without direct public funding.

Tram Power has developed a proven, low-cost approach which can reduce carbon emissions by 75% and capital and operating costs by over 75%.

More information about Investment Opportunities can be found under Downloads.