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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Tram Power?


Tram Power is a privately owned British Company dedicated to the design, development and promotion of light rail technology that is Safe, Efficient, Reliable and Affordable.

Trampower has designed a range of new affordable Trams, Tracks and Overhead system, making Tram networks a viable Commercial activity, one which does not need to rely on public funds but call upon private investment.


Not reliant on Public funds Trampower has also implemented designs for affordable network routes in cities around the UK, including; the City of Preston, and Galway, Ireland making use of disused or underused rail lines, when suitable.


Detailed information on the vehicle, track and overhead line systems can be found by visiting www.trampower.com


What are the proposed plans for Preston?


Phase One of the project is to open a demonstrator line. This will both show the public how the trams will operate and allow investors to view the tram’s benefits. See also www.prestontrampower.co.uk


Following a successful launch of the demonstrator line, Phase Two will encompass the first Preston (GUILD) line, which is hoped to support the Guild celebrations. The Guild Line is the first of a possible four-line network, which will connect many key parts of the city with Park & Ride stations outside the city centre. It will also connect many areas of the city to the railway station, retail parks, hospitals, football stadium and the University. All projects depend on being financially viable.


Has a Formal planning application been submitted?

A planning application for Phase One (The Demonstrator Line) was submitted earlier in the year and permission granted in October 2010. Work is currently due to start on this particular phase and it is intended to be completed early 2011.


Why Preston?

Preston has serious traffic congestion and environmental problems. Trams are proven to attract some car trips, and will help to raise the present level of public transport use from 6% to nearer 25%. By attracting car trips, there will be less congestion and pollution, and Preston will be a more attractive city for inward investors, bringing jobs and an improvement economy.


Is the tram environmentally friendly?

The Preston trams will be powered by renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar power. The design of the tramway will enhance the urban environment and Trampower believe this will help make Preston a nice place to live, work and shop.

A City Class tram with 200 passenger capacity will use less energy than some of the most efficient motor cars with only 4 passengers.


Where will the trams be built?

The trams will be built in the North West, and discussions are ongoing with potential manufacturing partners. This will benefit the economic prosperity of the local areas it serves, by creating and maintaining jobs..



Will the trams be accessible to everyone?

All the Preston trams are easily accessible and the design itself enables disabled access with provisions for prams.

The proposed platforms are just 250mm above the road in line with recommendations, making it extremely easy to board and alight.


Will residents close by to the Tramlines experience any inconvenience?

The Preston Tram network will help improve the local environment, in terms of visual appearance and reducing traffic flows. Less traffic will mean less pollution The new tram stops will be designed to the highest standard to enhance each locality served. The City Class tram when operating will hardly be heard above the general level of traffic. TRam Stops will also be landscaped where possible to enhance the natural environment,  creating buffers, so making the tramway even quieter, on .

Preston Project:


What are the proposed hours of service?

While the full timetable has not yet been established, it is intended that the tram service will operate 7 days a week from 6:00am through to midnight, and on Sundays and Bank Holiday’s 8am to 11pm.


When will it become operational?

Dependent upon current negotiations and planning applications, it is intended that the Guild Line will be operating during the Preston Guild year






Who will operate the Guild Line and future lines in Preston?

Trampower is in discussions with a number of transport operators to appoint an operator partner.


How much will a tram journey into Preston cost?

The cost of riding on the new trams to get around the city has not yet been determined.  Payment models from other European Cities are being considered, however a Tram ride is perceived to be good value for money, especially in comparison to driving and parking.


How long will a journey into Preston from the Bluebell Way P&R take?


It would take approximately 15 minutes to travel from the P&R to Preston City Centre.


How will I be able to buy tickets?

The final decision will rest with the operator. Various options are being considered, including conductors on the trams, ticket machines at tram stops, sales from local shops, by email, mobile telephone, by direct debit and by mail order. The Preston Tramway will be very convenient to use.

If there are conductors, they will be able to assist passenger and  also answer questions regarding route information and the service, with interconnecting links, like rail, coach and bus services.


How can I take a demonstration ride?

Local residents, school children, businesses and community groups will be invited by the Preston Trampower team to visit the West View Leisure Centre, once the Demonstration Line is running to take a free of charge ride.


How many jobs will be created by Trampower?


Operating the GUILD tramway will require a permanent staff of 40. As more tram lines are built, more jobs will be created. Potentially, the number of jobs created by the manufacture of trams and the operation of the Preston network could be more than 100in total.


Where is the money coming from?

The project will be funded by private investors. The project is not dependent on subsidies.


Private investors will expect a good return, so won’t this make using the tram expensive?


The return for investors will be attractive in comparison to other opportunities. Tickets will be competitively priced to ensure that the trams are well used.



Is there sufficient space for a tram to operate in the city centre high street?


Trampower has conducted a number of studies which show Trams can efficiently run along Fishergate and at the same time improve the environment of the most important shopping street in Preston.


How will it cross Ringway?


Trams will cross Ringway under the existing traffic lights. Trams should enjoy priority and therefore take less than 20seconds to cross Ringway.


How will the tram cross Deepdale Mill Street/Skeffington Road / Gammull Lane?


Similar to the trams crossing Ringway, traffic signals will be automatically triggered by an approaching tram and road traffic will experience a minimum delay from trams crossing once every six minutes. At all points of the tramway, the highest level of safety will be in force.


What will happen to the footpath / cycle way?

The footpath / cycle way that runs alongside the track through Deepdale and Ribbleton will be enhanced by the tramway. This stretch will be tidied up and the footpath / cycle way will run alongside the tracks between stations.

The footpath/cycle way will also be extended from where it presently stops, at West View, to Deepdale Mill Street, where quiet back streets will link it into the City Centre.


Will any property be affected?

No business or residential properties will be adversely affected by the GUILD tramway.