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      Date: Jan 10, 2011
     Title: Trampower Spokesperson States The New Year Will Be a Good One for Preston Project
The team behind Preston Trampower launched a statement today to assure supporters of the Preston Tram Project that it’s definitely not out of sight, out of mind!

Despite current lease and land issues with Network Rail preventing the scheduled opening of The Demonstrator Line, bosses have insisted, progress is being made and relationships with Network Rail are very positive.

Major meetings have been scheduled this month with key investors and the organisation is well on their way to achieving what they set out to do for the City of Preston.

Spokesperson Malcolm Clarke said: “Formalising land ownership and leasing issues with Network Rail has taken longer than anticipated, however we have an excellent relationship and are making good progress.

“Whilst the focus is still on executing the plans and putting the tram in operation, there are hurdles we must cross to ensure all legal issues are carried out correctly.

“We have a crucial meeting next week with investors and a meeting towards the end of the month with our sponsor from Network Rail.”

In the meantime, the team are working on preparing for an event in February which will see key businessmen and woman discover more about potential investments and this event will also establish plans to set up a Preston Advisory Council which will work to support and work alongside The Preston Trampower Initiative.

Malcolm continued: “Despite the small delay, the next few years promise to be exciting ones for Preston Trampower.

“The organisation will continue to have a positive impact on the communities it serves, furthermore, the company intends to put the people of Preston at the very centre of the project. Trampower Ltd is planning to create a substantial number of jobs for the area and that is something I feel will be a great benefit to the City and to the community at large.”